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Remember the TEDx talk I did in Groningen a while ago? TEDx Innovations wrote a great blog about it. They featured it together with the a cool talk of Andri Søren. Andri takes everyday sounds and transforms them into music. The music from a specific place does he put on a postcard. I love how both our talks emphasize the beauty of the ordinary. And use postcards to reshape perspectives.



Wonderful review from Biblion

Biblion reviews books for libraries in the Netherlands. And they also did this wonderful review of Pluk Je Momenten. So soon you can also lend the book in Dutch Libraries.

Janne was speaker at TEDxGroningen

“Just come over. I’ll leave the door of my hotel room open.” My oldest brother just called he arrived in Groningen. Today I’ll give a TEDx talk. When I walk out of the shower -my hair still wet-  he’s already there. “I have to leave for the Stadsschouwburg in 10 minutes. Shall I do a practice run?” He puts a timer on and sets himself down on the bed. Me standing and just doing the talk for him. Just him. “This is it.” I say and look him in the eye. It’s watery. He doesn’t have to say a thing.

This is the TEDx talk I delivered in Groningen, The Netherlands on November 20th. For more information and the beautiful blog of Marit Coehoorn, take a look http://tedxgroningen.com/talks/janne-willems/

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