From Journey to Movement

After drawing my own beautiful moments for many years I discovered how much this daily routine had helped me to get through the difficult patches in life. So I decided to share this power. I took a stack of empty post cards and got into a Dutch train to ask people to draw a beautiful moment from the past week. Not only they cheered up, they also started to connect to each other. Strangers who never talked before. I was hooked and after thousands of moments I'm interested in beautiful moments across the globe. Would this project also work in other countries? What are the beautiful moments in other parts of the world? So in 2013 I set out for a world travel and collected many more moments in 30 countries. Along the way I learned the project isn't solely about happiness. It's about listening and sharing each other stories. And those stories have the power to break down the distrust between the different groups in society which don't always mix. Luckily I'm not the only collector any more. Many people ask other people now for their beautiful moments, whether this is at the kitchen table or while riding on a horse through the Andes. Feel free to join the movement as well.


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